Rhodes Timeline

Rhodes Timeline

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  • c. 1600 BCE

    Rhodes has significant contact with Minoan Crete.

  • 1510 BCE

    The traditional date Danaos builds a temple to Athena Lindia at Lindus on Rhodes.

  • c. 1400 BCE

    Rhodes has significant contact with the Mycenaean civilization.

  • c. 689 BCE

    Rhodes and Cretans found Gela in Sicily.

  • c. 580 BCE

    Agrigento in Sicily is founded by colonists from Gela, Crete and Rhodes.

  • 490 BCE

    Rhodes comes under Persian rule.

  • c. 412 BCE

    Rhodes revolts against Athens and supports Sparta in the Peloponnesian War.

  • c. 408 BCE

    The various city-states of Rhodes form a single federal state.

  • c. 408 BCE

    The capital of Rhodes is moved from Lindos to Rhodes town.

  • 395 BCE

    Democracy is established on Rhodes.

  • 342 BCE

    Fire destroys the 6th century BCE temple to Athena at Lindos, Rhodes and is replaced by a new one.

  • 305 BCE - 304 BCE

    Demetrius I unsuccessfully lays siege to Rhodes.

  • c. 292 BCE - c. 280 BCE

    The Colossus of Rhodes, a representation of Helios, is built in Rhodes town harbour, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

  • 228 BCE - 226 BCE

  • 206 BCE - 204 BCE

    Crete is at war with Rhodes.

  • 197 BCE

    Samos comes under the jurisdiction of Rhodes.

  • 189 BCE

    Rome gives control of Lycia to Rhodes.

  • 164 BCE

    Leonidas of Rhodes wins the first of his 12 Olympic crowns in runnning events in four successive Olymic Games.

  • 155 BCE - 153 BCE

    Crete is at war with Rhodes for a second time.

  • 88 BCE

    Rhodes is beseiged by Mithradates VI.

  • 43 BCE

    Rhodes is sacked by Cassius Longinus.

  • c. 654 CE

    According to Theophanes, a Jewish merchant transports the pieces of the fallen Colossus of Rhodes to Edessa for melting down.

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